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Association Overview South Carolina Timber Producers Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(6) independent association dedicated to representing and servicing our state’s professional timber harvesters as well as our timber dealer and timber trucker members. Other associate supporting members include businesses serving our . . .


The Mission of the South Carolina Timber Producers Association is to serve as the voice for timber harvesting and allied timber businesses to advance the ability of its members to professionally, ethically, efficiently, safely, environmentally and profitably harvest, produce and transport opportunities, distributing timber harvesting, hauling . . .


SCTPA was instrumental in the passage of the New Increased GVW 15% Tolerance for trucking unprocessed forest products increasing GVW to 84,272 pounds on Non-Interstate Highways Only (Not On Interstates) coupled with the New Strobe Light Law for longwood loads for improved highway safety. Both laws were effective May 21, 2008.